Friday, March 29, 2013

How I Pack My Beauty Stuff! (For My Weekends Getaways)

Hi beauties! I usally get away from home during the weekends and when I was packing thursday I decided to do this post to show you what I am bringing with me. I would describe myself as someone who overpacks so... yeah. Anyways, bare in mind this is stuff I bring for 4 days away. 

First things I pack is always makeup and this is what I'm bringing:

-Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Ivory
-Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream
-Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer 
-Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer in Very Light
-Benefit Porefessional primer
-Mini Benefit High Beam
-Mini Benefit Posie Tint
-ELF Studio blush in Berry Merry
-Tony Moly Cat's Wink Powder

-Too Face Return Of Sexy eyeshadow palette
-Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked In Pink
-Maybelline The Rocket waterproof mascara
-L'Oréal False Fiber Lash waterproof mascara
-Benefit Stay Don't Stray primer
-Maybelline gel liner
-ELF eyebrow kit in medium
-ELF clear eyebrow gel

-Maybelline Vivids lipstick in Fuschia Flash
-MAC lipstick in Myth
-MAC lipstick in Betty Bright (Archie's Girls collection)

All of my makeup (except the palette) fits into my limited edition Hello Kitty makeup bag from Sephora, which is so adorable! :

Next we have my makeup brushes, I always try to bring the minimum but can never do it... I carry my brushes in a brushroll:

Finally is skincare and random boring stuff:

In there I've got:
-Lush Grease Lightning
-Lush shower jelly in Sweetie Pie
-My hot pink loofah
-Pond's Cold Cream
-Soap And Glory The Righteous Body Butter
-Neutrogena SPF 15 moisturizer
-Mini Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
-Mini Clinique Eye De-Puffing Rollerball
-Mini Clinique Gentle Face Soap
-Mini Clinique Laser Improvement Serum
-Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla and Macadamia Kiss
-Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine
-A depotted eye cream
-Cotton Pads
-Cotton Buds

The majority of those things fit in this little bag that I got from Forever 21 (I forgot to mention my razor, and yes I use a men's razor.. Am I really the only one?):

So that's about it, I carry all of these things in my Black Bowler Bag from H&M and the rest of my things (clothes,etc) go into another bag.

Thanks for reading, I hope this was fun to read for you guys, I always like to take a peek in other's stuff, hehe.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Skincare Routine! (Morning and Night)

Hello my beauties! Today is all about skincare, I will be sharing with you what I do to keep my skin feeling and looking healthy. 

First, I wanted to share with you a bit of informations about my skin type so you girlies know if certain products would be good for you or not. In general, I have dry/very dry skin in the winter and my skin leans more towards combination/dry in the summertime. Apart from that, I suffer from mild rosacea on my t-zone area especially near my nose and my chin. My skin is very sensitive and becomes irritated easily, I don't really get breakouts (except in that time of the month, if you know what I am talking about girls!) Lastly, I have a lot of acne scarring on my chin and at the bottom of my right cheek because I used to always pop my pimples (a big no-no!) So yes, I think that's about it, phew!

My morning skincare is pretty simple, I like to keep things simple because otherwise I get lazy if I complicate it too much. 

1.I take a cotton pad and clean my face using Vichy Calming Cleansing Lotion, I don't like to wash my face using tap water or a cleanser, I discovered from personnal experience that water irritates and dries my skin horribly so I stick to micellar waters.(Bioderma H2O is another of my favorite)

2.I spray about two to three spritz of Caudalie Beauty Elixir on my face before applying my moisturizer, this help to wake up my skin and reduce my rednesses. It feels very calming and soothing.

3.Next is moisturizer of course! I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin SPF 15 Face Lotion, the reason why I like this one so much is because it contains Alpha-Hydroxy Acid which provides continuous moisture during the day, it also helps to even out the skin tone, the only downside is the smell but it doesn't really matter that much. It clearly says on the bottle not to apply it near the eyes, let me tell you it happened a couple of times and it was burning like hell!

4.Finally is eye cream. And this is not actually eye cream but I use it as if. This is Glaxal Base Moisturizing Cream, this works wonders for me. It is fragrance free and made for sensitive skin. This is a cream normally used to deeply hydrate dry patches on the face and body, for eczema and psoriasis aswell. When my skin was dying from dryness, I applied it all over my face and it saved my parched skin. I've tried numerous eye creams (Origins,Vichy and so on) and they all burned my eyes so bad, this one doesn't!

My nightly routine takes a bit more time but you know you gotta remove that makeup and I never skip this step, it is crucial for healthy skin.

1.First thing first, I remove my eye makeup (I wear waterproof mascara every single day) with Pond's Cold Cream, you probably already heard about it or tried it, this is a cult classic. What I do is I just take a bit with the tips of my fingers and massage it on my eyes until it transforms into an oil then I take one cotton pad for each eye to remove my eye makeup. I do not rinse with water. This removes waterproof mascara like a dream!

2.Here comes my Vichy Calming Cleansing Water again! I just apply this onto a cotton pad to remove my face makeup and what is left of my eye makeup. Depnding on how much makeup I'm wearing, I'll sometimes do this twice.

3. I always use serum at night and right now, my favorite is Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus which helps to fade dark spots and even out the skin tone. This is a travel size bottle that I got in a set and so far I have been using it religiously.

4.If I feel like a pimple is coming out or I already have a couple, I apply Lush Grease Lightning on my spots and let it dry before applying my moisturizer. This never fails to make my breakouts disappear in a couple of days.

5.Next, I use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, I have both the gel and the lotion version but I switch accordingly to how dry my skin is. This is an awesome moisturizer for sensitive skin like mine.

6.And finally the same eye cream that I use in the morning, I also apply it if I have dry patches elsewhere on my face.

So that is all for my skincare routine, I have been sticking to this for a couple of months and it works great for me. I hope this was helpful for you or made you want to try one or two new products. Again thanks for reading, talk to you soon beauties xx

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi again beauties! About a week ago I received my BH Party Girl Palette and I tought why not share with you what I think about it and show you swatches? So let's get to it! 

   This is what the palette looks like:

First of all,the original price of this palette is 17,95$ US, which is fairly cheap for 40 eyeshadows. I got it on a sale and I think I paid around 8$ for it, even better! The shipping was around 10$ I believe? (I live in Canada btw) BH Cosmetics often has sales so it is definetly worth it to check the website often!

This palette comes in a very cute and colourful box and the packaging itself is black matte plastic that opens up with a clasp. Very thin and lightweight. It is a great thing for traveling and it does feel sturdy, not cheap at all. 

Quality if the eyeshadows:
I will be honest with you obviously, when I opened the palette for the first time I immediately started swatching colors, some were insanely pigmented but some others were really powdery with barely any pigmentation to them. The brightest colors are the most pigmented (like the red, blue, yellow and pinks) and the others are just meh. Some colors actually look very similar which is rather annoying. It's pretty much hit or miss. You have to use a great primer underneath and the right brush to make the colors work. The blendability of these eyeshadows is great, easy to sheer out if you need to. I will show you swatches so you can see by yourself. 

The first row are golds and coppery colors (the first two colors didn't show up on my arm at all):

The second row are mostly purples:

The third row is probably my favorite. These are the smokey grays and pinks:

The fourth row are greens and blues:

This is a great palette, for the price you pay, you can't really expect it to be Urban Decay or MAC quality. The BH Party Girl as the name says, is a ''party or night-out'' palette, not an everyday palette (for me atleast). If you can get it on sale, I do really recommend it, it is a nice addition to any makeup collection, for makeup starters aswell. It is also nice that you get really bright colors that you wouldn't buy individually normally, like a bright yellow, a red and a blue.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Beauty Must-Haves!

Hi beauties! Today I wanted to share with you my beauty must haves, those are products I use on a daily basis and that I couldn't live without. 

-Vichy Calming Cleansing Solution:
This is my everyday morning face wash and makeup remover. I have super dry, sensitive skin and this feels so gentle and calming (as it says actually!) I was using Bioderma before but it was a bit harsh for my skin and made my face red when I applied it, the Vichy one doesn't and even nicer than that it smells like fresh roses!

-Lush Grease Lightning:
This is simply a tea tree oil based gel. I rarely breakout but when I do, this is my lifesaver! Put this on your breakouts after washing your face at night but before moisturizing and the next morning you will see a huge difference. A nice plus: I had this bottle for nearly six months and it is a little less than half empty!

-Soap and Glory the Righteous Body Butter:
Oh my, if you haven't smelt any of the Soap and Glory product range, you are missing out on something! This specific one smells a lot like Miss Dior Chérie (if you know which perfume I am talking about). It is enough to keep the dry patches on my body at bay and I can still smell it hours after applying!

-Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream:
This has quickly become a staple for me, I use it everyday under my foundation as a primer. Not only does it gives me extra coverage, it is a great sunscreen (SPF 30 PA++) and it also helped to fade a couple of acne scars that I had on my right cheek. As I said my skin is dry and this gives me the perfect amount of moisture during the day.

-Korres Lip Butter in Jasmim:
This lip butter is pure perfection. It smells sweet and flowery at the same time. I use this in the morning and before I go to bed and it never fails to make my lips baby soft. Whenever I am feeling too lazy to put on some lipstick I just slap that on and I'm good to go!

-Nars Blush in Gaiety:
This is a bright pink blue based blush, at first I was a bit worried that it would look insanely bright but boy was I wrong! Once applied to the face it looks sheer and gorgeous really. The fact that it's matte makes it even more wearable. It is definetly a go-to whenever I can't pick which blush to wear.

-ELF Eyebrow Kit in Medium:
No matter if I am wearing a lot of makeup or minimal makeup, I always fill in my eyebrows, it makes a huge difference. This product is simply amazing (3$?!), you can't beat that! I like this even better than my Urban Decay Brow Box (which btw costs 35$ here in Canada).

-Benefit High Beam:
This is hands dowm my most used makeup product since about two years or so. And yes, I am actually on my third bottle of this! Crazy, right? What makes this highlighter so special to me is that it isn't shimmery nor glittery, it adds a gorgeous dewy finish to the skin. If you are like me and have very fair skin, I can't recommend this enough!

So I hope that you all enjoyed this first post inauguring my blog. thanks for taking the time to visit xx