Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Favorites!

Hi beauties! I can't believe how fast this month went by! I hope that you had a great month and that the weather is getting warmer and warmer where you live. Today I will be sharing with you what I loved and discovered this month.

Benefit Sugarbomb Boxed Blush: I had this blush for quite a while and rediscovered it recently. This is basically the only blush that I've been wearing for the past month. Since it is spring time, I love to wear coral/peachy blushes and this is the perfect one! It look very natural on my fair skin and has a beautiful sheen. I love Benefit blushes, they smell so good aswell! 

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer: This is a bit of cheating since I've only been using this for a week but it is growing up pretty fast to become a holy grail! This is perfect to cover my undereye circles and also my redness and blemishes. It doesn't look cakey on my dry skin and the color match is exact. I heard so much great things about this product (aswell as the Bobbi Brown Corrector) and let me tell you, you have to believe the hype and go get this!

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation: This is probably my all-time favorite foundation. I call this my ''heavy-duty'' foundation since it is full coverage, makes my skin absolutely flawless and cover my rednesses, scars and blemishes. It is made for dry skin aswell. I've been wearing it tons lately because my skin is not at its best. Whatever foundation I try, I always come back to this one!

Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer in Radiant: I've been wanting to get this for so long and I am so glad I did! It is basically a pink toned concealer that corrects and brightens the undereye area. I put this first then layer my Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer on top, perfect combination!

Aquolina Pink Sugar Perfume: Oh God, I can't say enough about this lovely perfume! It smells just like sugar and sweets and is awesome for spring time. I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear this perfume, definetly check it out if you like light sweet scents!

Vaseline Spray N' Go Moisturiser in Cocoa Radiant: At first I was like: what is the point of spray-on moisturiser? and then I fell in love, haha! It has become a part of my morning routine, I spray it on and rub it into my skin before putting on my clothes. It sinks in quickly and keeps my skin moisturized all day long. It has a gorgeous smell (reminds me of summer and sunscreen). The best thing about this product is that it doesn't feel greasy at all.

LUSH Bar Soaps in Figs and Leaves and Lust: If you didn't know already, I am a huge fan of LUSH products especially their shower gels and bar soaps. These are two of my recent pick-ups. Figs and Leaves is an exfoliating soap that has a creamy smell, very luxurious feeling! Lust is a very ''sexy'' smelling soap, it smells like straigh-out fresh flowers and jasmine. I love them, they don't make my skin feel dry and tight after getting out of the shower.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Drugstore Begginer Makeup Kit! (Lips)

Hi ladies! This is my last post for my Makeup Begginers Guide and I think this one is the most fun... Lips! As you may already know, I am addicted to lipsticks, they are the best way to experiment new colors and they completely change your look! I have tried lots and lots of drugstore lipsticks over the past year so I wanted to share my favorites with you.

Probably the most obvious ones are the Revlon Lip Butters and the one I am showing you here is called Gumdrop. It is a sheer pinky lilac color. These deliver moisture and shine to your lips, you can also easily build up the color and they feel really comfortable on the lips. There are kind of a lipbalm/lipgloss/lipstick hybrid and the packaging is to die for!

Rimmel Lipsticks are am-a-zing. They have tons of colors from nudes to brights and they have been my favorites for years! I think I own about 6 of them. The ones in the purple packaging are the ones I prefer and I own (from left to right) Burgundy Delight, Coral Queen and Nude Delight. They feel moisturising and are really pigmented. The other ones that I own are two from the regular line and one from the Kate Moss collection (from left to right): Airy Fairy, Dizzy and 04. Airy Fairy is a great eveyday color for any kind of skintone!

If you like the look of matte lipsticks, you will love Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipsticks! My favorite one out of the bunch is Pink Pout which is a medium blue-based pink, super pretty for daytime wear. The finish of these is gorgeous, not drying at all, and they last pretty well on the lips. 

If you feel like adventuring into bright colors, Maybelline just came out with their new Maybelline Vivids Lipsticks, this is basically a range of lipsticks that are super bright, not for the faint-hearted! They have anything from bright orange to flashy pinks! They are really good quality, pigmented and have a beautiful shine. The one I am obsessing over at the moment is called Fuchshia Flash, it is a super bright pink! Love it.

I'm not the type of girl that wears lipgloss, I never got the hang of it. But I still can recommend the ELF Glossy Glosses, not sticky, pigmented and cheap price. What more can I say? This one is called Sweet Salmon

So beauties, that concludes my posts trilogy! If it helped you, or even gave you ideas of new products to try, I am so glad! Thanks for reading! Big kisses xx

Friday, April 26, 2013

Drugstore Begginer Makeup Kit! (Face)

Hello again beauties, today I am sharing with you Part 2 of my Begginer Makeup Kit and it is about face products. I warn you, this may be a long post but if you are interested, keep reading! xx

Firstly, foundation. Foundation is probably the most complicated since everyone's skintone and skintype is so different.I can't guarantee you that my recommendations are going to be perfect for you but they are worth giving a try. For reference, I have dry skin.  If you need barely any coverage, I recommend a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation, I like Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. This is basically a moisturiser that has a bit of coverage, SPF and other benefits for your skin. If you need to step up to a bit to a higher coverage but that still looks natural just like a tinted moisturiser, I would go for Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation. This has medium coverage with a natural finish. It works on a lot of skin types, either dry or oily skin. Keep in mind, finding the perfect foundation is a big challenge, I still haven't found the perfect one (if that even exists!).

Second is concealer, you will need one for your blemishes, redness or scarring (if you have any) and one for your dark circles. For the face, if you need a really heavy-duty one that will cover basically anything, go for  Hard Candy Glamoflauge. You can also use it under your eyes but be careful since you need just a teeny-tiny bit otherwise it will look really cakey! Next, what I like to use to counteract the blue/purple under my eyes, is Maybelline Dream Lumi Touche Concealer in Radiant. This is a straight out pink concealer that will help to brighten and ''erase'' your undereye circles. You can either use it alone or put another concealer on top of it.

Third thing is optional, depending on your preferences and skin type: powder. You can either use a transculscent pressed powder or a colored one, my favorite is Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, which I unfortunately don't have with me. You can use this to mattify your skin or to set your foundation so it lasts all day long. If you have dry skin, I recommend you skip this step, of course it's up to you.

Fourth is probably my favorite and it is blushes! Blushes bring a beautiful flush to the skin and there is one for everyone out there: pink, coral, peach, berry and so on. The best inexpensive blushes I found yet are the ELF Studio Powder Blushes, they are only 3$ and they are so amazing. I have four of them: Berry Merry, Tickled Pink, Twinkle Pink and Fuschia Fusion. I love them all and use them on a regular basis. They are pigmented, last for a good amount of time and they have such pretty colors! They can be a bit powdery but for the price, you can't beat that! Another one that I love but is a bit pricier is Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush in Rose. The packaging and the color are just adorable!

Next is bronzer, I am not a big fan of bronzers since I am really pale but for the summertime, I love it! A pretty good one is ELF Bronzer and Blush Kit. This comes with a blush and bronzer for only 3$ and I think they have four choices of color depending on your skintone. I have the one called St. Lucia

Last one is highlighter, if you like the look of glowy/healthy skin I recommend Physician's Formula Powder Highlighter in Transclucent, this is a powder that has a bit of subtle shimmers in it without making you look like a disco ball. You can apply it on top of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, on your cupid's bow, on the inner corners of your eyes and on your browbone for a gorgeous glow. 

I think that's about it! Again, I hope this was helpful to you girlies! Talk to you soon xx

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Drugstore Begginer Makeup Kit! (Eyes)

Hi beauties! I know that some of you may be starting out with makeup and it might be hard sometimes because there are so many products to choose from! I am going to help you out by doing 3 posts about the best products (in my opinion) to get you started. There will be a post about eyes, face and then lips. I chose to go with drugstore since it is way more affordable and they have such great products! So let's get this started, shall we?

First of all, every girl needs a great mascara. I have tried a huge amount of mascaras from the drugstore and and I don't believe that you need to spend 30$ on a mascara for it to be good. I've tried almost all of the Maybelline mascaras and they are a solid favorite! I also really like L'Oréal. My current obsessions are Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express and L'Oréal False Fiber Lashes. These are the ones that work best for my straight and short lashes, remember you will have to try a lot before you find your favorites since everyone's lashes are different! You can't really go wrong with Maybelline in my opinion.

Second comes eyeliner, you have a lot to choose from: gel, liquid, pencil or powder. I will always recommend gel liner, it is precise, easy to apply and has a beautiful finish. My personnal fave is Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner, it stays put all day long and it's really black. I find liquid eyeliner to be really messy so I prefer gel. Once you get the hang of it, it will become really easy. Remember, practice will be needed. I've been doing makeup for almost 5 years and I sometimes still struggle with my eyeliner! You can also use this on your waterline if you wish and it will stay on almost all day. 

Third thing is powder eyeshadows, again you have a lot of variety to choose from! I would suggest to go for neutrals first then experiment with some colors once you get the whole thing. Wet N' Wils Color Icon Trios are the best drugstore eyeshadows I've ever tried, they are pretty much the same quality as my higher end ones. The best thing is that they are only 3$ each! They have an endless array of colors so you will definetly find what you are looking for with these. Here I have Walking On Eggshells, I'm Getting Sunburned and Silent Treatment(my fave!). 

Fourth is cream eyeshadows, but of course this is optional! If you don't like to waste your time applying powder eyeshadow, you will love these. Just apply them with you finger all over the lid and voilà! Good to go. They also make a great base for you to apply powder shadow on top. My all time favorite are the infamous Maybelline Color Tattoos, they have great colors to choose from, they don't crease and they are so easy to use. These are my two favorites: Barely Branded which is a beautiful shimmery champagne shade and Inked In Pink which is a pale shimmery pink.

The last one is completely up to you... eyebrows! I don't recommend fooling around with this until you really need it or you know what you are doing. You can either fill them in lightly with a pencil (Maybelline makes a great one) or use powder, again, lightly. I love ELF Eyebrow Kit for doing so, it contains a tinted wax and a powder aswell. If you don't need this, skip it. Whoever you are, I will give you a great advice, do not overpluck, personnally I love the look of full natural eyebrows! If you have them, flaunt it!

So that is all, I hope this was helpul to some of you! I will try to post ''Part 2: Face'' as soon as possible. Have a great day lovelies! xx

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Haul: What I Got This Past Weekend!

Hi beauties! So I went shopping a bit this last weekend and I wanted to show you bits and pieces of what I got!

LUSH Sea Spray: I have naturally wavy hair so I bought this to give a bit of volume and definition to my hair. The scent of this is beautiful, I swear! You can spritz it on damp or dry hair and it will give it a bit of va-va voom and some kind of texture to it. I have used it only once and I really like it!

LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub: I've been wanting to try a LUSH lip scrub for ages but I supposed they were pretty much just sugar with an added flavor in a cute jar. Now I will say, I am a bit hooked! It makes my lips softer than by just using sugar alone (which I used to do to scrub my lips), it smells (and tastes, hehe) just like minty chocolate and leaves my lips and breath feel refreshed. Now I kinda want to try the bubblegum flavor...

Real Techniques Eye Brushes Set: I recently got the Real Techniques Core Collection and after using those, I want them all! Such great quality brushes for such an affordable price! 

Revlon Nail Polish in Girly: I saw a beauty guru on Youtube talking about this specific nail polish and immediatly wanted it! It was a pain to find since I think it is a new color, but I finally found it and I am so glad! It's a gorgeous creamy pink with lots and lots of chunks of glitter. After 3 coats, it is pretty much opaque! I'm such a sucker for nail polishes that have huge glitters in them.

Bath And Body Works Lavender and Vanilla Pillow Spray: I've been getting really bad insomnia for the last three months or so and I was on the hunt for something to help me sleep a bit better without taking pills or anything like that (if you have any recommendations, I would be so happy for you to share it with me, please?).

Nars Firming Foundation: I bought this on a whim while I was browsing online, I essentially got it because it was on sale for 20$ instead of 50$, pretty amazing I shall say. I am still trying it out so I can't say much about it but so far so good! 

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer: I heard so much people talk about this product and now I know why! It is amazing at covering scars or breakouts on my face and also perfectly covers my bad undereye circles without looking cakey. I layer it on top of my Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer in Radiant to correct the blue tones under my eyes. This is definetly staying in my makeup bag for a long time!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wet N' Wild Mega Last Matte Lipsticks Swatches+Review!

Hi ladies! I was browsing BeautyJoint.com a couple of weeks ago and was planning to buy a bunch of NYX Round Lipsticks, I checked a couple of reviews and finally decided to go for the Wet N' Wild Matte Lipsticks since they seemed to be much better quality than the NYX ones. I heard a lot of Youtube beauty gurus talking about those aswell. Anyway, I ended up buying 6 shades and they were 2,75$US each.  As you may not already know, matte lipsticks are my all time favorite, I'm not a fan of sheer glossy lipsticks nor lipgloss. I find that matte lipsticks last much better on the lips and I love the overall look of them. So yeah, let's get to the review!

The first thing I noticed when I got them was the packaging. Honestly the worst packaging I've seen for a lipstick! It's made from plastic and I'll tell you, it is very filmsy. For some reason, whenever I put the cap back on after using these lipsticks, it smudges everywhere inside the cap. This really isn't a problem for me though because I am planning to depot them and put them all in a lipstick palette pretty soon! Apart from that, I see no other negative points to the Wet N' Wild Matte lipsticks. They are first of all, insanely pigmented, they last a great 8 hours on the lips (for me atleast), they are super affordable and they don't have a cheap/chemical smell. The creaminess of these lipsticks will depend on the shade, some are really hard to apply and some others just glide on effortlessly, which is kinda weird. The finish is completely matte, as the name says. They do dry out the lips after a while but if you apply lip balm underneath, it shouldn't be a problem. Believe it or not, for the past week, I haven't touched one of my beloved MAC lipsticks! I've been really enjoying these Wet N' Wild lippies, they are a great way to experiment new colors without having to break the bank! I'm planning on ordering a couple more, gotta have them all! Now onto swatches!

-Mauve Outta Here: A blue based pink/purple, I have wore it only twice but I do love it, a nice way to wear purple lipstick without going all out lilac!

-Pinkerbell: A bright warm pink, so gorgeous. This is my favorite out of the bunch. A perfect color for spring/summer. This an exact dupe of MAC Viva Glam Nicki.

-Rose Bud: A neutral dusty rose, looks reddish on my fair skin. I adore it though, if you have darker skin than mine, this might be a perfect everyday nude color!

-Bare It All: A medium browny nude. I've been wearing it a lot lately. It's a great everyday color and I think it would work on a wide range of skintones.

-Coraline: A bright red/coral. If you like bright reds, this one is definetly for you!

-Spiked With Rhum: A medium/dark muted brown/pink. I haven't tried it yet since I assume this is gonna be way too dark for me! Not too sure about that one.

So that's it! Have you tried the Wet N' Wild lipsticks or do you plan on buying some? Hope this was helpful, talk to you soon xx

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Top 3 Drugstore Foundations!

Hello beauties! I've tried so many drugstore foundations over the last few years that I think it is safe to say that I've now found 3 solid favorites! I will be sharing them with you today. No matter which skin type you have, you will find one for you in this top 3!

1.Rimmel Wake Me-Up Foundation:
This is one of my most recent discovery and I am so glad I bought it. I actually did a review on it not so long ago if you want to go check it out but I am going to describe it real quick. This is a medium/buildable foundation with a dewy finish. It contains tiny shimmer particles that gives it the dewy effect but you can't actually see them on the skin. It is a foundation that is super moisturising so if you have combination/oily skin you might want to stay away from it or put powder on top. It covers my scarrings and rednesses really well and wears for the whole day on my skin! If you are a fan of glowy/dewy skin, this is definetly a product that you will love! The only downside is that it is only availaible in 6 shades, which pretty much sucks.

2.Covergirl Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation:
I had this since 4 months and I haven't stopped using it. I was pretty sceptical at first because Covergirl products in my honest opinion are not the best, especially their foundations. I was shocked by how good this thing is! I checked a lot of review before buying it since people were saying that it was awful for dry skin, that it clings to dry patches etc,etc. I have really dry skin and had no problems with all the above. Though, I make sure that I moisturise a lot before applying it. Covergirl Outlast is a full coverage matte finish foundation, it lasts all day long, even after 12 hours of wear my face still looks flawless. Whenever my skin looks bad, I reach for this baby. Some people compare it to MUFE Mat Velvet+, which I can't say much about this since I haven't tried it yet. A really great foundation, even for my really dry skin. I assume it could work on every skin type from very dry to oily. Covergirl Outlast foundation is available in 14 shades!

3.Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation: I'm sure you heard a lot of beauty bloggers/gurus talking about this one! I got it around the same time as my Covergirl foundation and it is a solid staple in my makeup bag. I am a fan of Revlon PhotoReady and the infamous Colorstay aswell so I knew this would be another hit from Revlon! It has a medium/buildable coverage with a satin finish. It reminds me a bit of Nars Sheer Glow. It feels weightless on the skin and evens out my skintone so well. It never looks cakey on my dry skin even if you apply another layer. The only thing that annoys me is that it doesn't have a pump, you have to pour out the products and it oftens ends up being a bit messy. It starts to fade a bit at the end of the day but it's no big deal. It is available in 16 shades so there is a great chance that you will find the perfect match, even if you are really pale like me. This is a foundation that I will be wearing a lot during summer!

Have you tried any of these foundations? What do you think about them? Hope you enjoyed! xx

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Pamper Night!

Hello beautiful ladies! We all need a little bit of ''me time''every once in a while don't you think? Every sunday, I usually pamper myself with lotions and potions. Taking the time to relax is a must for me, otherwise I go a bit crazy! So here are my must-haves whenever I want to take care of myself!

I usually remove my makeup and wash my face before hopping in the shower (or bath, whatever suits you) and then, I'll wash my hair using Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly, and yes you can wash your hair with these funny little jellies (which I haven't tried until recently)! This one smells like coconut and cherries, very sweet and sugary. It's a bit messy to wash your hair with this but hey, I've got time to do it and it's just fun really. After this I slather on some hair mask, this is the L'Oréal Re-Nutrition Intense Mask and it works wonders for my very dry and tangled mane! It is made from royal jelly so it has a kind of waxy consistency, really thick. Afterwards I move on to shaving (pretty boring,I know) and I'll exfoliate my entire body using Avène Gentle Body Scrub. I absolutely love this scrub, it smells divine and makes my skin super soft without being too abrasive. It is made for sensitive skin which is a nice plus. I'm finishing off by rinsing my hair, getting out of the shower and pat my skin dry.

Then I'll hydrate my face and body using this oil that I'm testing out at the moment Avène Body Oil, it smells really fresh and doesn't feel greasy like others oils I've tried before. It contains mineral oils, avocado oil, calendula flower extract and spring water. I'm loving it at the moment, I might get the big bottle soon. Then I just let it sit for a couple of minutes and to add even more moisture to my skin, I put on my all time favorite body butter which is Soap And Glory The Righteous Body Butter. When I'm all done, I'll just go lie down in bed and read my favorite magazines, Glamour and Allure, and paint my nails with Revlon Brilliant Strength in Provoke  which is a peach/coral color, perfect for spring!

So that is all the thing that I do to make myself relax and unwind every Sunday! What are your favorite products to use on pamper nights? Hope this was helpful, have a nice week ladies! Love xx

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Skincare Bits I'm Loving At The Moment!

Hello beauties! Today, I want to share with you my current skincare obsessions. Recently, I got bored of my trusty old skincare products and wanted to try new things! These are the products that I ended up buying and that I simply am in love with!

1. No. 7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser: I love hot cloth cleansers! They just make your skin feel so nice and clean, this one is probably my favorite out of all the products I recently got. It smells amazing, leaves your skin feeling so soft and I really like the look of the bottle. I just massage it on my skin for a great 5-10 minutes, put a hot muslim cloth over my face and srub it off afterwards. Also, this doesn't irritate my very sensitive skin!

2. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo: I heard so much people talk about this product that I just had to get it, especially because I was getting terrible breakouts lately. I've been using it for almost two weeks and I can already see a huge difference! My skin feels softer, I didn't get any new spots and the old ones have all cleared up. I use it morning and night before my moisturiser. This is quickly becoming a solid product in my skincare routine.

3. La Roche-Posay Cicaplast: Another La Roche-Posay product! I love this brand so much, I actually did a review on Cicaplast if you want to check it out. I carry this cream everywhere with me.

4. No. 7 Moisture Quench Night Cream: This is a pretty simple and basic night cream that does its job really well! It is super moisturising, a bit on the greasy side which is not a problem for me since my skin is very dry, it is fragrance free and doesn't make my skin go bright red when I apply it. A nice addition to my skincare.

5. Clinique All About Eyes Serum: I got this lovely serum a while back in a Clinique gift set but didn't use it that much since a couple of weeks ago. I've been lacking of sleep lately and this little baby makes my super puffy undereyes less worse. It's so refreshing and I love to use it in the morning before applying eye cream. I am thinking about getting the full size, hmm...

6. Nivea Express Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover: This honestly is the best makeup remover I've used in quite a while! I've tried a lot, drugstore and high-end but I am never satisfied. This one though, ugh, perfection! I wear waterproof mascara every single day so it is a pain to remove, this products makes everything much more easier. I don't have to scrub or pull on my delicate eye area. A nice plus: it's cheap!

So that's it for today! What are your current skincare favorites? Love xx