Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Review: Vichy Dermablend Foundation

Hi ladies!
Hold up your horses, this is probably going to be a rave review since this is the absolute best full coverage foundation. Yes, you read that right, the best.

I bought this a while ago when my skin was looking horrible; scars, breakouts, redness, you get the jist. I was a bit scared to try it because I heard from quite a lot of people that it was a bit mask like, well, that doesn't apply for me at all and I do have very dry skin! So, tried it, loved it and probably never going back. This foundation has a really full coverage, a flawless natural finish and a lasting power of about 10 hours. The best about it, is that you only need a tiny amount to cover your whole face, if you use too much though, expect to look like a cake face. I found that the best way to apply it on a daily basis is to use a sponge, which will give you a bit less coverage with a natural, dewy finish. Apply it with a buffing brush and you'll get the fullest coverage and a beautiful semi matte finish. I do need to set it with a bit of powder since it makes me a bit oily in the t-zone area, this really isn't a big deal though. By the way, I have the lightest shade available ''Opal'' and it does run a tad bit too dark for my NC15 skintone. They have, I think, 5 or 4 shades avaible, a bummer, but if you can find a shade that matches you, it is definetly worth a try. If you don't like it and you find it's too much coverage for your taste, try mixing it with your daily moisturizer or use it to spot conceal. (tested and approved!). Sometimes I like to use it over another foundation to spot conceal redness for a more natural look. Vichy Dermablend gets a thumbs up from me for sure!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

3 Things I've Enjoyed This Week #1

This week has been insanely cold here in Canada, my hands have been getting gross and cracked so I relied all week long on my beloved Soap And Glory Hand Food Hand Cream. This hand cream is the mother of all, no kidding. It smells divine, the original Soap And Glory scent, it's completely non-greasy and deeply hydrates hands and cuticles. It's as simple as that.

I was pretty excited to try the Garnier Skin Repair Overnight Peel, since I was on the hunt for an affordable serum. So far, I am really impressed, my skin looks absolutely glowing and I've been using it for only a week! I won't tell you too much about this product, I have a review up on my sleeve.. 

Lastly is a new purchase I did on a whim at Sephora about two weeks ago. It's the Sephora Luminous Primer, this stuff is seriously awesome. I honestly didn't expect it to be so good. It gives a beautiful luminosity to the skin while injecting moisture troughout the day, great for us with dry lackluster skin. On good skin days, this is the only thing I need to get gorgeous skin! Another product I plan on reviewing!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Edit: Beauty Books To Read

#1 - Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules:
This one is targeted more towards young womens or teenagers but nonetheless, it's a pretty nice read. A total of 19 chapters guides you through a wide array of subjects like of course, makeup basics but some other interesting bits like how to treat your skin right to self confidence. I love Bobbi for her ability of really focusing on natural beauty and loving yourself for the inside out. Also, the photographs in this book are so inspiring and darn beautiful! A great book for begginers or simply to find inspiration.

#2 - Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual:
This is, in my honest opinion, a bible for us beauty lovers! No matter if you are a begginer or a pro, you will probably learn a lot from those well structured 11 chapters. I love that there's a big section on how to become a makeup artist, what you need in your pro kit and who's who in the beauty industry. The rest of it is mainly about makeup applications and techniques, brushes and tools topped off with beautiful, colorful photographs. If you are on the hunt for a great, professionnal looking beauty book, this is the one!

#3 - Jemma Kidd Makeup Secrets:
Oh god, this one is simply stunning and beautifully made. The first part is called ''Making Makeup Work For You'' which is all about finding the perfect makeup for your eye shape, the perfect brows for your face shape and finding colors for your skin tone. Second part is called ''Problem Solver'' and it teaches you everything from how to maintain radiant skin to how to contour your nose the right way, truly clever. If you love iconic beauties like Brigitte Bardot or Sophia Lauren, there's a whole chapter on how to exactly recreate their looks, genius! 

#4 - Lauren Conrad Beauty:
This is the newest addition to my collectio and I have to say, it made me totally crush on LC! I would describe this as a coffee table book, since it doesn't take long to go trough it and it's not jam packed with texts. There's is nonetheless, a lot of in depts informations about skincare, fitness, well-being and makeup (duh!). Don't expect to learn how to do crazy colorful eyes with this one, Lauren is a minimalist and that is what makes this book so darn perfect! Simple yet effective with a personnal approach, that's an A+ for me.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Essie Nail Polish Collection!

This is such an exciting post for me, I wanted to do it for ages! I started collecting Essie nailpolishes quite a while ago and quickly became obsessed with them. They have a wide range of colors, finishes and they just look nice overall. I have 17 of them in total, so let's get to it!

(from bottom to top)
Mademoiselle: A sheer nude pink
Sugar Daddy: A sheer baby pink
Eternal Optimist: A creamy mauvey rose/dusty pink
Cute As A Button: A creamy bright coral/pink
Meet Me At Sunset: A creamy vibrant deep orange
Fifth Avenue: A creamy red with hints of orange
Bikini So Teeny: A sparkling pastel blue
Warm And Toasty Turtleneck: A creamy pink tinged lavender
Wicked: A deep, dark purply red
Toggle To The Top: A deep burgundy with ruby red micro-glitters
Sable Collar: A plummy brown with plum micro-shimmers
After School Boy Blazer: A creamy blackened navy
No Place Like Chrome: A mettalic true silver
Good As Gold: A mettalic true gold
Hors D'Oeuvres: A platinum gold with silver hex glitters
Good To Go: A fast drying, shiny top coat
All In One: A base coat, top coat and nail strenghtener


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Review + Swatches: Maybelline Color Tattoos!

I've been literally obsessed with Maybelline Color Tattoos ever since I bought my first one, in my opinion they are one of the best drugstore products on the market. If you don't know what these are, hello where have you been? They are cream eyeshadows that claim to last for hours and hours without creasing or fading, and let me tell you they do live up to their claims! For those of you that have a problem with eyeshadow creasing on your lids, use these as a base or simply as an allover the lid shade, you will be surprised at how well they last! Every of the 5 shades I own feels really creamy and is easy to blend, I haven't had any problems with my Color Tattoos drying out aswell (just make sure you screw the lid really tightly). 

Pomegranate Punk: I wore this all autumn long, no kidding. It's a really unique shade, a deep cranberry with a bit of purple in it. Stunning if you are feeling in the mood for a smokey eye with a twist!

Bad To The Bronze: Say hello to the most talked about eyeshadow for the last two years or so, everyone and their mothers owns this, it's insane. It's a straight out bronze, so versatile and perfect for the neutral eyeshadows lovers.

Though As Taupe: A matte greyish taupe, this pairs so well with my Naked 2 palette. Not at all chalky despite its finish

Barely Branded: This shade is from the "Metal" collection, meaning it has a beautiful metallic sheen to it. This is a light beige, perfect for everyday as an allover the lid color!

Inked In Pink: Another one from the "Metal" collection. This one is more on the "colorful" side but still a wearable shade. It's a pink with rose gold undertones, if you own the Naked 3 palette, this practically screams your name *winks*.