Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Edit: Beauty Books To Read

#1 - Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules:
This one is targeted more towards young womens or teenagers but nonetheless, it's a pretty nice read. A total of 19 chapters guides you through a wide array of subjects like of course, makeup basics but some other interesting bits like how to treat your skin right to self confidence. I love Bobbi for her ability of really focusing on natural beauty and loving yourself for the inside out. Also, the photographs in this book are so inspiring and darn beautiful! A great book for begginers or simply to find inspiration.

#2 - Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual:
This is, in my honest opinion, a bible for us beauty lovers! No matter if you are a begginer or a pro, you will probably learn a lot from those well structured 11 chapters. I love that there's a big section on how to become a makeup artist, what you need in your pro kit and who's who in the beauty industry. The rest of it is mainly about makeup applications and techniques, brushes and tools topped off with beautiful, colorful photographs. If you are on the hunt for a great, professionnal looking beauty book, this is the one!

#3 - Jemma Kidd Makeup Secrets:
Oh god, this one is simply stunning and beautifully made. The first part is called ''Making Makeup Work For You'' which is all about finding the perfect makeup for your eye shape, the perfect brows for your face shape and finding colors for your skin tone. Second part is called ''Problem Solver'' and it teaches you everything from how to maintain radiant skin to how to contour your nose the right way, truly clever. If you love iconic beauties like Brigitte Bardot or Sophia Lauren, there's a whole chapter on how to exactly recreate their looks, genius! 

#4 - Lauren Conrad Beauty:
This is the newest addition to my collectio and I have to say, it made me totally crush on LC! I would describe this as a coffee table book, since it doesn't take long to go trough it and it's not jam packed with texts. There's is nonetheless, a lot of in depts informations about skincare, fitness, well-being and makeup (duh!). Don't expect to learn how to do crazy colorful eyes with this one, Lauren is a minimalist and that is what makes this book so darn perfect! Simple yet effective with a personnal approach, that's an A+ for me.



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