Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Pamper Night!

Hello beautiful ladies! We all need a little bit of ''me time''every once in a while don't you think? Every sunday, I usually pamper myself with lotions and potions. Taking the time to relax is a must for me, otherwise I go a bit crazy! So here are my must-haves whenever I want to take care of myself!

I usually remove my makeup and wash my face before hopping in the shower (or bath, whatever suits you) and then, I'll wash my hair using Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly, and yes you can wash your hair with these funny little jellies (which I haven't tried until recently)! This one smells like coconut and cherries, very sweet and sugary. It's a bit messy to wash your hair with this but hey, I've got time to do it and it's just fun really. After this I slather on some hair mask, this is the L'Oréal Re-Nutrition Intense Mask and it works wonders for my very dry and tangled mane! It is made from royal jelly so it has a kind of waxy consistency, really thick. Afterwards I move on to shaving (pretty boring,I know) and I'll exfoliate my entire body using Avène Gentle Body Scrub. I absolutely love this scrub, it smells divine and makes my skin super soft without being too abrasive. It is made for sensitive skin which is a nice plus. I'm finishing off by rinsing my hair, getting out of the shower and pat my skin dry.

Then I'll hydrate my face and body using this oil that I'm testing out at the moment Avène Body Oil, it smells really fresh and doesn't feel greasy like others oils I've tried before. It contains mineral oils, avocado oil, calendula flower extract and spring water. I'm loving it at the moment, I might get the big bottle soon. Then I just let it sit for a couple of minutes and to add even more moisture to my skin, I put on my all time favorite body butter which is Soap And Glory The Righteous Body Butter. When I'm all done, I'll just go lie down in bed and read my favorite magazines, Glamour and Allure, and paint my nails with Revlon Brilliant Strength in Provoke  which is a peach/coral color, perfect for spring!

So that is all the thing that I do to make myself relax and unwind every Sunday! What are your favorite products to use on pamper nights? Hope this was helpful, have a nice week ladies! Love xx

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