Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Drugstore Begginer Makeup Kit! (Eyes)

Hi beauties! I know that some of you may be starting out with makeup and it might be hard sometimes because there are so many products to choose from! I am going to help you out by doing 3 posts about the best products (in my opinion) to get you started. There will be a post about eyes, face and then lips. I chose to go with drugstore since it is way more affordable and they have such great products! So let's get this started, shall we?

First of all, every girl needs a great mascara. I have tried a huge amount of mascaras from the drugstore and and I don't believe that you need to spend 30$ on a mascara for it to be good. I've tried almost all of the Maybelline mascaras and they are a solid favorite! I also really like L'Oréal. My current obsessions are Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express and L'Oréal False Fiber Lashes. These are the ones that work best for my straight and short lashes, remember you will have to try a lot before you find your favorites since everyone's lashes are different! You can't really go wrong with Maybelline in my opinion.

Second comes eyeliner, you have a lot to choose from: gel, liquid, pencil or powder. I will always recommend gel liner, it is precise, easy to apply and has a beautiful finish. My personnal fave is Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner, it stays put all day long and it's really black. I find liquid eyeliner to be really messy so I prefer gel. Once you get the hang of it, it will become really easy. Remember, practice will be needed. I've been doing makeup for almost 5 years and I sometimes still struggle with my eyeliner! You can also use this on your waterline if you wish and it will stay on almost all day. 

Third thing is powder eyeshadows, again you have a lot of variety to choose from! I would suggest to go for neutrals first then experiment with some colors once you get the whole thing. Wet N' Wils Color Icon Trios are the best drugstore eyeshadows I've ever tried, they are pretty much the same quality as my higher end ones. The best thing is that they are only 3$ each! They have an endless array of colors so you will definetly find what you are looking for with these. Here I have Walking On Eggshells, I'm Getting Sunburned and Silent Treatment(my fave!). 

Fourth is cream eyeshadows, but of course this is optional! If you don't like to waste your time applying powder eyeshadow, you will love these. Just apply them with you finger all over the lid and voilà! Good to go. They also make a great base for you to apply powder shadow on top. My all time favorite are the infamous Maybelline Color Tattoos, they have great colors to choose from, they don't crease and they are so easy to use. These are my two favorites: Barely Branded which is a beautiful shimmery champagne shade and Inked In Pink which is a pale shimmery pink.

The last one is completely up to you... eyebrows! I don't recommend fooling around with this until you really need it or you know what you are doing. You can either fill them in lightly with a pencil (Maybelline makes a great one) or use powder, again, lightly. I love ELF Eyebrow Kit for doing so, it contains a tinted wax and a powder aswell. If you don't need this, skip it. Whoever you are, I will give you a great advice, do not overpluck, personnally I love the look of full natural eyebrows! If you have them, flaunt it!

So that is all, I hope this was helpul to some of you! I will try to post ''Part 2: Face'' as soon as possible. Have a great day lovelies! xx

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