Sunday, April 28, 2013

Drugstore Begginer Makeup Kit! (Lips)

Hi ladies! This is my last post for my Makeup Begginers Guide and I think this one is the most fun... Lips! As you may already know, I am addicted to lipsticks, they are the best way to experiment new colors and they completely change your look! I have tried lots and lots of drugstore lipsticks over the past year so I wanted to share my favorites with you.

Probably the most obvious ones are the Revlon Lip Butters and the one I am showing you here is called Gumdrop. It is a sheer pinky lilac color. These deliver moisture and shine to your lips, you can also easily build up the color and they feel really comfortable on the lips. There are kind of a lipbalm/lipgloss/lipstick hybrid and the packaging is to die for!

Rimmel Lipsticks are am-a-zing. They have tons of colors from nudes to brights and they have been my favorites for years! I think I own about 6 of them. The ones in the purple packaging are the ones I prefer and I own (from left to right) Burgundy Delight, Coral Queen and Nude Delight. They feel moisturising and are really pigmented. The other ones that I own are two from the regular line and one from the Kate Moss collection (from left to right): Airy Fairy, Dizzy and 04. Airy Fairy is a great eveyday color for any kind of skintone!

If you like the look of matte lipsticks, you will love Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipsticks! My favorite one out of the bunch is Pink Pout which is a medium blue-based pink, super pretty for daytime wear. The finish of these is gorgeous, not drying at all, and they last pretty well on the lips. 

If you feel like adventuring into bright colors, Maybelline just came out with their new Maybelline Vivids Lipsticks, this is basically a range of lipsticks that are super bright, not for the faint-hearted! They have anything from bright orange to flashy pinks! They are really good quality, pigmented and have a beautiful shine. The one I am obsessing over at the moment is called Fuchshia Flash, it is a super bright pink! Love it.

I'm not the type of girl that wears lipgloss, I never got the hang of it. But I still can recommend the ELF Glossy Glosses, not sticky, pigmented and cheap price. What more can I say? This one is called Sweet Salmon

So beauties, that concludes my posts trilogy! If it helped you, or even gave you ideas of new products to try, I am so glad! Thanks for reading! Big kisses xx


Anne said...

Hi Laurence!

Loooove the lip butters!
Airy Fairy is lovely! I should wear it more often!
Have a nice day!

Lalla Loub said...

great collection of lippies