Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Review: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation!

Last weekend I was at my local drugstore and all Rimmel cosmetics were on sale so I decided to pick up the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation! I heard loads of bloggers talking about this foundation and not long ago Alix from icovetthee (one of my favorite beauty blogger) mentionned how much of a great combination Benefit High Beam and this foundation make! And as addicted to High Beam as I am, I knew I had to try this! Let's get to the review...

First of all, I got the shade Ivory, which unfortunately is a bit too dark for my NC15 complexion. I am not sure if there is a shade lighter than this one, and if there is one, it wasn't available where I bought it. It doesn't really bother me that much since I'm sure this will make a great summer foundation when I will get a bit tanner. For the moment, I just mix it with a bit of MAC Studio Sculpt to make it a bit paler. Rimmel Wake Me Up retails for about 13$CAD (which is a bit pricey for a drugstore foundation from Rimmel especially!) but I got it for 8$CAD on sale. It comes in a glass packaging with a bright orange cap (kinda cute) and I was actually surprised that it has a pump, which is a nice plus! The pump doesn't feel cheap at all amd you do have a great control over it. It is described as an illuminating, radiant glow and natural-looking finish foundation. It also has peptides and a vitamin moisturising complex. What they say on the bottle is definetly true, this has a really dewy medium buildable coverage, it hides my rednesses and scars really well and makes my skin glow! It has a very thick gel like consistency and when you look closely at this foundation, it has tiny shimmer particles in it but once applied to the skin, they are undetectable. It also has a very faint smell, not unpleasant at all, very fresh. I have very dry skin and it doesn't dry me out during the day. Weird fact: at the end of the day my t-zone looks a bit oily, which rarely ever happens to me. If you have oily skin, I wouldn't recommend it unless you are ready to do a lot of powder touch-ups during the day. If you have normal to very dry skin, you would probably love this! As far as the wearing time goes, I had no problems. It doesn't fade, smudge or get weird until I remove it at night. Rimmel Wake Me Up is definetly a keeper! I love love love it!

Have you tried it? If so what do you think about it?


Anne said...

Hi Laurence!

I've never tried it but it sounds lovely.
I've heard other bloggers too complaining about the shades running dark.
I might pick it up in the summer! Thanks for sharing!

Laurence Lefebvre said...

It's such an amazing foundation, you should definetly pick this up for summertime! It looks so glowy and fresh!