Friday, April 5, 2013

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Review!

Hello ladies! Right now, I am having a bit of a La Roche-Posay moment, I just seem to love everything from this French brand! Last week, I bought La Roche-Posay Cicaplast and it has been standing on my nightstand since then. I'll tell you why!

What it is:
First of all, Cicaplast is described as an ''Epidermal Recovery Accelerator'', it has a gel-cream texture and is for irritated, distressed and post-procedure skin. It forms a protective shield on your skin and has an ''anti bacterial-adhesion texture''. It contains a mineral complex of copper, zinc and magnanese to promote epidermal barrier recovery and they say on the bottle that this hydrating and soothing fluid instantly relieves tightness. It is fragrance free and paraben free and I got this at my local drugstore for around 18$ CAD.  

What it is supposed to be used for:
-Burns, scratches, bruises. It will help to heal them much more quickly.
-If you have really bad dry patches on your face or body.
-Scars, acne scars for example, it will fade them overtime.
-Eczema (especially if you have some on your hands, my sister uses this and it has helped her so much!)

What I use it for: 
To be honest, you can do anything with this product. 

-First of all, I suffer from psoriasis, which basically are dry patches of skin that flake, burn and are super irritated, it can even sometimes bleed (yuck). I don't usually get a lot of psoriasis patches but right now because of stress and lack of sleep, I have one on my leg. I use Cicaplast on it and it instantly does relieve the burn and makes a great barrier to protect it against rubbing on my pants all day. It feels so soothing and my dry patch feels less dryer than before.
-I use this all over my face as a night cream, I wake up the next morning with baby smooth skin and I swear I have skin as dry as sandpaper! 
-I use it as a lip balm aswell at night, it protects and hydrates my lips for hours without feeling the need to reapply lip balm over and over again.
-The most amazing thing about Cicaplast is that it's an amazing foundation primer! Yes, you heard that right. There is a video where the amazing Lisa Eldrige uses this on a model and it does really make an gorgeous base for makeup!

What I think about it:
This is probably my favorite discovery since the beggining of 2013. I won't hesitate to buy this when I run out! The fact that it is not overpriced at all makes it even more appealing, it is great for sensitive skin like mine and does what it's supposed to do and beyond! I keep it next to my bed because it is great for any little skin problem, such a great multitasking product! The texture is lovely aswell and doesn't have sny fragrance to it, which is a nice plus. I definetly recommend it if you can get it where you live, for the price and the quality, you can't really go wrong!

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Anne said...

Hi Laurence!

Mmmhhh... This sounds like something that would be nice to have in my makeup bag!
La Roche-Posay is a great brand, I know I can always rely on their products.
Thanks for sharing!
Have a nice weekend!