Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My MAC Lipsticks Collection+Swatches!

Hi girlies! So today I wanted to do a fun post about my MAC lipsticks, show you swatches and do a mini review on every single one. I have 8 MAC lippies in total. These are all colors that in my opinion look really good on porcelain/fair skins. Let's get to it!

The first one is Viva Glam III, this is the first ever lipstick that I bought from MAC. I remember that it was in the beginning of Fall and I was looking for a really dark and vampy kind of red and a lovely MAC girl helped me to choose so I ended up picking this one. Viva Glam 3 is a matte finish, it's a gorgeous red with a strong brown/mauvey undertone to it. It stays on the lips for an insanely long time and is not drying at all. It looks surprisingly really good on my porcelain skin and I feel like I don't hear anyone talking about this particular lipstick, in my opinion it is a bit of an underdog. Definetly recommend this one, it's a great Autumn/Winter color.

The second one is Impassioned and it's a bright coral/pink/red, the kind of color that is really hard to describe and looks different on every single individual. It is an Amplified so the color is vibrant, opaque, creamy and stays put quite a long time on the lips. Everytime I wear this I get so much compliments it's crazy! Impassioned is my go-to bright lipstick for a lot of occasions or whenever I need a little something extra. Definetly a must-have because it works on a really wide range of skintones!

The third one is Ravishing and it is a Cremesheen finish. This lipstick is a gorgeous dark coral/orange. I was hesitant to buy this at first but it looks so good once applied on the lips and it's a great everyday/wearable color. Super creamy, easy to work with and comfortable to wear aswell. The lasting power is not the best because of its texture, but that doesn't really bother me. I also think that Ravishing is a great year round lipstick, it works for any time of the year!

The fourth one, which is probably my most worn in all of my lipstick collection, is Myth and it's a Satin finish. This is a plain simple flesh toned nude. It doesn't work on a lot of skintones and you do have to be really pale to pull this off otherwise you will look dead or sick. For me, it works perfectly as an everyday nude. I really like the formula and finish of this one, it is semi-matte and wears for a long time though it can be a bit drying. I know that a lot of people use Myth as a lip eraser to layer another lipstick on top, which is a genius idea if it looks too pale on you. Probably a lippie that I will rebuy again and again!

The fifth one is Rebel which is another Satin finish. I'm sure you probably heard about that one before! It is a very unique color, deep bright fuschia/berry with a hint of purple in it, again looks different on everyone. This was my go-to lipcolor last fall. It has an amazing staying power and the best thing is that Rebel leaves a beautiful berry stain on the lips so it never really wears off completely. It has a semi-glossy finish and works on every skintone possible!

The sixth one is my all time favorite lipstick, I just love Saint-Germain so so much! It's an Amplified, probably my favorite formula along with Satin. This lipstick is the brightest blue based barbie pink I have ever seen in my whole life! Some people hate it and some people go crazy over it, it does really depend on your personnal taste and skin coloring. I am one of these lucky people that can pull off this lipstick without looking like a clown (probably because I am pale and have the right undertones?). This one glides on the lips like a dream, creamy, pigmented, opaque and has an average staying power of 5+ hours without reapplying. A must-have for me, especially during the summer!

Next, is another one of my favorite, Betty Bright from the recent Archie's Girls collection. I knew that I should have bought a backup for this one, I wear it so much and I am currently looking for a good dupe. Anyways, this is a Satin finish and it's a bright warm pinky coral, I already know that I will wear this a lot during the summertime. Although it is a Satin, it does look completely matte on the lips, is quite drying and really hard in the bullet which is weird but it doesn't stop me from loving this lippie to death! If you apply Betty Bright and blot then reapply, it can last over 6 hours!

The last one is the newest addition to my collection, the iconic Ruby Woo, this really is a cult classic and I can understand why! It is a matte blue based true red, the texture reminds me of velvet, this lipstick really is a showstopper. I don't wear it very often since it is a really hard to apply formula, it won't glide on the lips like I want to. Since it does have a really hard formula, it sticks to the lips like no other, it just won't budge even if you eat, drink, kiss, whatever. Despite the fact that Ruby Woo is hard to work with, it is a beautiful color that I think everyone should own in their collection.

I want to know, which are your favorite MAC lipsticks? Which ones to you look forward to buy at the moment? Have a nice day beauties! xx


Sara H. L said...

Ruby Woo and Saint Germain are next on my to-buy list! Thank you for the swatches.

Laurence Lefebvre said...

I'm glad that the swatches helped you! :) You won't regret Saint-Germain and Ruby Woo, these are stunning colors! xx

Anne said...

Hi Laurence!

Great collection! I like the fact that all 8 colors are very different from each other. You have a good variety!
My favorite MAC lippies are limited edition unfortunately... I love 'Cut a Caper' which is a beautiful soft coral and 'Myself" which is a great nude for my skin tone. From the permanent line I love 'Patisserie', 'Fanfare' and 'Lovelorn".
Thanks for the swatches! Have a great evening!

Laurence Lefebvre said...

Cut a Caper is such a gorgeous color! And Patisserie is probably going to be my next buy, it looks like a really easy to wear lipstick! xx

Lalla Loub said...

love the st germain