Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MAC Patisserie Lipstick

First of all, let me just say that I've been looking for/wanting this lipstick for about three months! I finally found it and I am in love with it. I was looking for an easy everyday lipstick and a lot of beauty bloggers were talking about this specific one so that's when the hunt began! It's a really natural looking browny pink with tiny gold flecks in it, since it is a Luster finish, it has a gorgeous shine and a great slip to it. Surprisingly, it lasts a very long time. It feels comfortable on the lips and it is the ultimate ''my lips but better'' shade. I assume it would work on almost every skintone and I definetly think every girls out there that loves lipstick like I do should have it in their collection!


1 comment:

Anne C said...

Own it, love it! I agree, it would look good one anyone!
A must have... ;-)