Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Let's Talk About: Foundations!

Hi everyone! First, let me apologize for being gone for a while, I got really sick and needed a bit of time off. On a more positive note, I decided to start a huge series of posts named: Let's Talk About. Basically, I am going to go through eveything from foundations to blushes to mascara and share with you my favorites while talking about each product individually. I hope this will give you a bit of ideas in what your next splurge might be makeup wise! Let's get into it, shall we?

The Full Coverage Hero - MAC Studio Sculpt:

I am not entirely sure if I mentionned Studio Sculpt already but this, ladies and gentlemans, is my holy-grail base. I got it last winter, as I was looking for a full coverage but still natural looking foundation and a lady at MAC made me buy this (I will never thank her enough!). My main concern was that it would cling to my dry patches or look too matte (I get über dry skin during colder seasons). Instead, it smoothed over my dry skin, covered everything and made my skin look ethereal (like photoshop in a tube, it's that great). The finish leans towards satiny/a bit dewy, The only way I could describe this is by saying a ''plumped skin'' effect. Lastly, it's the only foundation that matches my skin spot-on. I am NC15 for reference.

The No-Foundation Foundation - DiorSkin Nude BB Crème:

I got this in the beginning of summer as a lightweight option to my fuller coverage foundations and fell in love with it immediately. This baby right here got crazy hype a couple of months ago, it was insane (and the main reason for this purchase, oops). The bottle is gorgeous, so convenient with the pump, and the product inside is even more perfect! I wear this on good skin days to even out my skin tone and cover my pesky rednesses but it stil has an excellent coverage for a BB Cream. The reason why I love this so much is you can apply it with your fingers to get a dewy finish or withna buffing brush for a matte skin like finish. On top of it all, no matter how close you look at yourself in a mirrorm you wil never see a trace that you are wearing foundation, this stuff is like magic. Sorry to say that but... you need the Dior BB Crème in your life, no matter what skin type you might have. I am in the shade 002, which is a little too dark for me at the moment (losing that summer tan, boo!)

The Luminous Base - L'Oréal True Match Lumi:

Now on the more affordable side, L'Oréal Lumi is for all my dewy/glowy skin lovers out there! I have loved the original True Match in the past and this one is as amazing, except with much more luminosity! The bottle is gorgeous, considering the fact it's a drugstore foundation, what surprised me the most was actually the quality of the pump, it is perfect. It's a pretty runny liquid but does cover everything I want to be covered, medium coverage I'd say.  It is nearly undetectable on the skin (not as much as my Dior BB Crème though!) and the color range is just great. I'm about sure every skin type would like it, except the very oily-skinned gals. Now go try it, you won't regret! I have the shade W1-2, perfect match for my pale skin.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my foundation picks!
I want to know, what is your holy grail foundation?

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