Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Mid-Week Break

As you may already know, I live with my boyfriend and work five days a week so obviously, I sometimes need a break from the boy and the job. I decided to take this wednesday afternoon off to enjoy some time alone, relax and go outside by this beautiful weather. I realised that I don't do this often at all. The reason why is, I used to fear going out alone, I had big issues with social anxiety. I started to enjoy some alone time outside of my house pretty recently and I have to say it feels great, I had no reason to fear this. When you are alone, you have nothing to think about but yourself, of course it may sound selfish but oh well. I just walked my dog for a good thirty minutes, went to Starbucks to relax and enjoy a delicious ol' coffee (and of course write this post!), after this I will probably go and treat myself to a makeup product of some sort. The whole point of this (random) post is reminding you that it is good to unwind, relax and breathe. Treat yourself to a little something, we all work really hard to pay our bills and maintain our social life but we sometimes deserve to stop for a second and enjoy life by our own! As for my stupid social anxiety I had since I was a little girl, I just kicked it in the butt and I promise to myself I won't let it take over me anymore!

(The picture above has no point really but I finally got a vanity table, yes!)

I hope this was helpful, inspirational even to some of you.
To all of you beautiful people out there, have a great week and weekend xx

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Lalla Loub said...

cute post :) you're right, we all need a break time to time...