Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Currently Loving #3: Rimmel Apocalips

Finally, I got my hands on these beautiful lip lacquers/lip stains goodness. I heard about them months ago and they recently launched in Canada! I was casually strolling at WalMart buying kitchen stuff and I promised myself not to spend money on any makeup, three minutes later I spotted these babies and couldn't control myself! I'm so bad at this, haha. I got two of them, Apocalyptic and Phenomenon. Apocalyptic is a deep flashy fuschia and Phenomenon is a pale nude peach, both of them are absolutely lovely! These are my first ''liquid lipstick'' type of products, I really like the concept of it: easy to apply, extremely pigmented and pretty long lasting. Application wise, these lip lacquers have a doe-foot applicator with a little ''pool'' of product in the middle. These also have a faint smell, which I really like. The Rimmel Apocalips are definetly a winner for me, I will be purchasing a few more in the future.


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Natalia said...

I really want to try it, been eyeing Apocalips for ages now but I just don't like the applicator :( x