Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Budget Buy: Real Techniques Brushes

Since I've discovered Real Techniques brushes, my life has changed. No, literally, they make your makeup application more than flawless at the fraction of the price for what you'd pay for ''high-end'' brushes. The first ones I bought was the Core Collection Set, let's be honest here, I got this because of the hype surrounding that darn good Buffing Brush. I have to say,I immediatly fell in love with the brand! Within the first use, I noticed how soft and dense the bristles were, they felt super gentle on my sensitive skin aswell. I then bought the Starter Set for Eyes and recently got the Stippling Brush and the Expert Face Brush. What I like most about all of these brushes is that you can use them for basically anything, they are synthetic so great for powders, creams and liquids. They also are an absolute bliss to wash: no shedding, fast drying and they do not lose their original shape. Overall, the Real Techniques brushes are an all around great purchase if you are looking for any kind of makeup brushes for a cheap price! For your information, the individual brushes are around 10$US each or less and the sets are about 20$US each or less. A big thumbs up to the amazing Samantha Chapman for creating these beautiful brushes!

I also wanted to include a little guide telling which ones are great for what, starting from left to right of my picture:

Buffing Brush: Foundation, Blush, Bronzer
Contour Brush: Countouring, Powder (under the eyes or the t-zone)
Pointed Foundation Brush: Foundation 
Detailer Brush: Precise eyeshadow application, Concealer
Deluxe Crease Brush: Blending eyeshadows, Concealer under the eyes
Base Shadow Brush: Blending eyeshadow, Applying eyeshadows
Brow Brush: Eyebrows (a bit big for that)
Accent Brush: Precise eyeshadow application, Eyeshadow under eyes
Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush: Thick eyeliner on top
Stippling Brush: Cream or powder blush, Foundation
Expert Face Brush: Foundation, Contouring, Blush, Bronzer

So that is it ladies, I hope you enjoyed my post!
I want to know which Real Techniques brush is your favorite?


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