Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Review: NYX Blushes

Hi girlies! When I went to New York last week, I deseperately felt the need to get my hands on some NYX products and the ones that caught my eye were the Cream Blush in Glow and the Stick Blush in Orchid. I thought why not since I love cream blushes during summer. I wasn't honestly expecting a lot from these two (don't know why really...) but I ended up falling in love at first use. The Cream Blush ,being my favorite from both, is extremely pigmented and leaves a beautiful dewy glow on the skin. It looks ├╝ber natural on the cheeks and I also like to use it on my lips for a matchy-matchy look. Probably not the most long-lasting, though it truly is a beautiful cream blush with a near perfect formula. 

The Stick Blush on the other side really is long-lasting because of its cream to powder formula. It glides onto the skin effortlessly (I love to apply it directly from the stick and blend with my fingers) and leaves behind a megawatt glow. Some people compare it to Nars Orgasm and I kind of agree on that one, it's not identical but still pretty close! 

Overall, great blushes for great prices (about 6$ each), who doesn't want that? These get a big thumbs up from me without a doubt!


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