Friday, August 9, 2013

My Morning Skincare Routine (For Dry/Sensitive Skin)

Hi dolls! Today, I'll be sharing with you the routine I do in the mornings to keep my skin healthy and glowing! During these last months, I developped a strong interest towards skincare and I found a lot of amazing products. While still keeping it simple, this routine has been doing wonders for my face! Let's get to it, shall we?

1. The most important step, which a lot of us skip, is cleansing. I try to stay away from foaming cleanser since they dry out my skin terribly and just do not feel right for me. Recently, I discovered the oh so amazing REN ClearCalm Clarifying Clay Cleanser, a creamy clay based cleanser that draws out all impurities without stripping or irritating my skin. It helps to keep my frequent breakouts at bay and I am a huge fan of the smell, so soothing! I massage it onto my dry face, emulsify it with a bit of water and remove it with a flannel soaked in warm water. Then rinse.

2. After patting my face dry with a towel, I spray a good amount of Avène Thermal Water onto my skin. This step might be optional but it does neutralize the PH of that bad tap water you just used on your face and helps with my redness and rosacea. It feels so good, I just let it air dry then move on to toner.

3. Toner, a step I recently introduced to my routine (thanks to Caroline Hirrons!), is so important to me. It prepares your skin to receive whatever you are going to put on top. My choice is the Clarins Exfoliating Brightening Toner, a true gem. It gently exfoliates and fades those pesky acne scars overtime. I apply a great amount on a cotton pad, swoosh it allover and let it dry.

4. Last step is injecting some moisture back into your skin. I am rather picky about my moisturizers but the one that currently fulfills my needs is the Clarins Daily Energizer Cream. Perfect for summer; refreshing, light and smoothing. A great base for makeup aswell! They do also make a ''gel'' version of this one if you have more of an oily/combo skin, definetly worth a try.



misstinguette said...

love your routine..
i discovered the Caroline Hirone blog recently and since then i'm a big fan,,
but i juste whant to know if using the exfoliator every day isn't abrasif for the skin, cause i whant to strat a new routine and want to introduce the clarins to it,,
thank you

Laurence Lefebvre said...

thank you!
no it's not harsh on the skin at all and I do have very sensitive skin!
you can try and use it every other day instead if you find it's a bit too much for you.